Days 1&2: Oregon

After a few days with the Johnsons (thanks again Chark!), we drove out to the coast. We didn’t know if our camp site had ocean access, so we stopped in Seaside for photos:

turns out they did have beach access, so I took some more the next day while Bob finished packing up:

Yesterday I biked into Portland. It was a long day but the weather was perfect. Bob met me a couple times, here’s the PB&J stop:

Today I biked out of Portland through The Gorge, on the historic highway and various bike trails. The views were beautiful and traffic was usually light.

We’re just over 200 miles in. Thanks to everyone who continues to donate! We’re attempting our longest day yet tomorrow due the scarcity of campsites, then plan to lower the milage quite a bit to rest, with our first rest/hotel day planned for the Washington/Idaho border.