Greetings from Keizer, Oregon

We drove into Oregon on Tuesday, and have been staying with our friends Cheryl and Mark – who have been amazing hosts that make very good pizza. We’re mostly doing last minute errands, picking up things we forgot to pack (like an ice chest 🤦‍♂️).

Bob decided we should put a fundraising decal on the trailer, so we spent a couple hours at a coffee shop struggling through designing one, and a local shop is printing it.. The weather was nasty when we got in, reminding Bob why he moved away. But since then it has been beautiful. I went out on a short ride yesterday morning.

We only had a couple overnights planned ahead of time – risky to make campsite reservations ahead of a weather forecast. But with the next week’s looking good we spent the morning working out the first week’s overnights.

Tomorrow Bob is attending his nephew’s graduation, then we’ll drive out to the coast to camp. Saturday morning we start our journey east, with a 120 mile ride into Portland.

Donations continue to roll in for BikeMS, we’re just short of $3500 thanks to contributions from friends in Minnesota (see you in July!) family, and colleagues from Canonical and HP. Love it!

One of Bob’s friends works at a winery, and he’s offered a tour this evening. Should be a good way to cap off this preamble to an epic trip!