We passed into Idaho yesterday, and stayed the night at Hell’s Gate campground in Lewiston. Today we followed the Clearwater River into Kooskia where we are waiting for the camp hosts to show up so we can get change for the coin operated shower.

It’s pretty here, nice to watch the transition from deciduous to evergreen trees slowly progress as we go.

Bob and I are getting a good routine down. In the morning, I tear down my tent, make coffee and oatmeal while he packs up the trailer and organizes bins. We pick a meet up spot after 60 miles or so and I head out while he finishes things up. When we meet, we eat lunch (usually PB&J and a banana). Lately I’ve also tried to find a brewery or coffee shop nearby with people so I can hand out fundraiser cards, and then we get back on the road to the chosen campsite. Bob drops a pin that I can follow to the spot.

We planned to take a daily photo, but we’ve missed a lot of those. Here some we took yesterday:

Tomorrow we’ll keep climbing US 12 for about 80 miles, there’s a few campsite options up there. I expect to not have any Internet until Saturday when we descend into Missoula for our first rest day.

Walla Walla, Washington

We’re 4 days and 410 miles in. The wind out of the west – and being near sea level – have gotten us off to a good start. Bob and I are camping at the Lewis and Clark Trail campgrounds tonight near Walla Walla, which reminds me of bugs bunny cartoons every time I say it.

That was me cleaning up my drivetrain earlier. It s very close to dark now, and Bob has just started a camp fire.

Last night we crossed into Washington state and stayed in Plymouth. Here’s a photo just before I went to bed and the sprinkler system starting spraying the tent:

The mileage was pleasantly less than I thought, as the planned route involved backtracking to get around the interstate – instead Bob just drove me back to the previous day’s stopping point.

Tomorrow we go to Clarkston/Lewiston on the Idaho border, which should be the easiest day so far (~75 miles w/ 1 rist canyon’s worth of climbing, my personal unit of measurement). We had planned to take a rest day there, but the weather forecast shows a storm coming in early next week. So we’re adjusting, and will try to push through and get over the continental divide by the weekend. I’m looking forward to the switch to shorter mileage/climbing – different muscles and less sitting. We should end up in Missoula, before the storm, which should be a good place to weather it.

The people we’ve ran into have been very kind (well, except for the guy who told me to get the fuck off the road when I stopped to look at the map). Yesterday Bob’s dog needed some heartworm meds, which required an exam, and the techs at The Dalles Vet Hospital were able to switch some things around to quickly get her in (thanks Hailey and Lisa!). Today we stopped at the Laht Neppur brewery in Waitsburg, where I enjoyed a very good IPA (the ice water was also very good), and the folks there seemed excited for our trip and the fundraiser.

Now it is almost completely dark – so time for bed. Good night!

Days 1&2: Oregon

After a few days with the Johnsons (thanks again Chark!), we drove out to the coast. We didn’t know if our camp site had ocean access, so we stopped in Seaside for photos:

turns out they did have beach access, so I took some more the next day while Bob finished packing up:

Yesterday I biked into Portland. It was a long day but the weather was perfect. Bob met me a couple times, here’s the PB&J stop:

Today I biked out of Portland through The Gorge, on the historic highway and various bike trails. The views were beautiful and traffic was usually light.

We’re just over 200 miles in. Thanks to everyone who continues to donate! We’re attempting our longest day yet tomorrow due the scarcity of campsites, then plan to lower the milage quite a bit to rest, with our first rest/hotel day planned for the Washington/Idaho border.

Greetings from Keizer, Oregon

We drove into Oregon on Tuesday, and have been staying with our friends Cheryl and Mark – who have been amazing hosts that make very good pizza. We’re mostly doing last minute errands, picking up things we forgot to pack (like an ice chest 🤦‍♂️).

Bob decided we should put a fundraising decal on the trailer, so we spent a couple hours at a coffee shop struggling through designing one, and a local shop is printing it.. The weather was nasty when we got in, reminding Bob why he moved away. But since then it has been beautiful. I went out on a short ride yesterday morning.

We only had a couple overnights planned ahead of time – risky to make campsite reservations ahead of a weather forecast. But with the next week’s looking good we spent the morning working out the first week’s overnights.

Tomorrow Bob is attending his nephew’s graduation, then we’ll drive out to the coast to camp. Saturday morning we start our journey east, with a 120 mile ride into Portland.

Donations continue to roll in for BikeMS, we’re just short of $3500 thanks to contributions from friends in Minnesota (see you in July!) family, and colleagues from Canonical and HP. Love it!

One of Bob’s friends works at a winery, and he’s offered a tour this evening. Should be a good way to cap off this preamble to an epic trip!

We’re off!

We’re on our way to the west coast! Thanks to Brandon and everyone at Burk’s Tavern for the amazing fundraiser/send-off party. It was a blast, and wonderful to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.

That fundraiser pushed us over the $3000 mark for BikeMS! Thank you so much to everyone who donated (you can also donate here). We’ll be making our way out to Oregon slowly over the next few days and then stay with some friends until the weekend. Weather forecast is looking good for our planned June 8 departure!

You can follow Bob’s Instagram account. I’ve set one up as well, that I’ll try to update with these posts (once I figure out how).

Taking a summer off

In just 8 days I’ll pause my employment at Canonical to attempt something I’ve been wanting to do for years: ride my bike across a continent. I’ve done a few long distance/multi day rides in the past, but nothing close to this.

I’m cheating. For one, I picked my own continent. For another, I’ll have vehicle and in-person moral support. One of my oldest friends (and his dog Sammie) will be driving, carrying my stuff, and camping with me each night.


I’ll be missing the BikeMS Colorado ride this year, but I my goal is to raise more for the MS Society than any of my 6 previous years. Hopefully more than all 6 years put together! Thanks to several of you, I’m off to a good start. My friend Brandon is hosting a send-off fundraiser at his tavern in Loveland on May 30:

Also, if you are, or know someone, along the route who can provide our suggest a place for us to park/camp along the way, please get in touch. Showers would be amazing!

Bike MS Colorado 2021

For the 4th consecutive year (wow, really?!), I’ll be riding to raise money for MS research. If you’re able, please support me by donating at This year will no doubt be weird as they adapt for social distancing, but it will be a welcome teaser for a return to normalcy 🙂

Custom Storage Layouts w/ MAAS preseeds.

    storage_layout = FlatStorageLayout(node)
    raid_members = []
    for bdev in raid_candidates:
    r = RAIDManager()
    raiddev = r.create_raid(
        FILESYSTEM_GROUP_TYPE.RAID_0, partitions=raid_members

I’ve been working on a project to dynamically create customize server storage layouts using MAAS preseeds. Thanks to some good advice from a couple colleagues, I have something that works pretty well for me. See my write-up on the MAAS discourse.