Taking a summer off

In just 8 days I’ll pause my employment at Canonical to attempt something I’ve been wanting to do for years: ride my bike across a continent. I’ve done a few long distance/multi day rides in the past, but nothing close to this.

I’m cheating. For one, I picked my own continent. For another, I’ll have vehicle and in-person moral support. One of my oldest friends (and his dog Sammie) will be driving, carrying my stuff, and camping with me each night.


I’ll be missing the BikeMS Colorado ride this year, but I my goal is to raise more for the MS Society than any of my 6 previous years. Hopefully more than all 6 years put together! Thanks to several of you, I’m off to a good start. My friend Brandon is hosting a send-off fundraiser at his tavern in Loveland on May 30:

Also, if you are, or know someone, along the route who can provide our suggest a place for us to park/camp along the way, please get in touch. Showers would be amazing!